Nicole Deponte of Asterfield approached me with an intriguing project: a total rethinking of her brand identity. This was a project that I took very seriously. Nicole is one of the few makers out there who is creating signature pieces that are clearly iconic and the idea of creating a brand identity that would square up with her designs was no small task.

For the project, the task was to reimagine the Lilian Asterfield logo, prepare collateral materials (business cards, postcards, signage for shows and window/door decals for the new shop), choose a new theme for her Shopify shop and assist in implimenting the new design across all of Nicole’s social media accounts.

Let’s talk about the rebranding project. What was the experience like for you?
Rebranding has been my favorite project of the summer. I had a vision for where I wanted Lilian Asterfield to go as well as the need to establish a look that showed off where the label is now. In order to reflect the evolution of the work from it’s craft roots to current refined elegance, Lilian Asterfield needed to shed the homegrown feeling of my handwritten logo. I wanted to keep the whimsy, not be cliche, and make a statement.

Dropping “Lilian” from the logo was HUGE, but a move that I had been mulling over for the past year. It only seemed natural to work with someone who has been a fan of my work since the start! Brett brought a perspective and patience, and passion to the table that made the process fluid, fun and challenging. I got to step out of my owner/designer blinders and see the work, my mission for the label, site functionality, and how I wanted to communicate in a clearer way, as my customer. I had no idea how much this project would be about inspiring new work, potential projects and reinvigorating my love for all design.